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1. Ong Jap Lik

Ong Jap Lik (1.)

Ong Jap Lik (1.)

Ong Jap Lik (1.) – From China to Indonesia

Southern China ± 1820.  Threatened by famine, Ong Jap Lik decided, as many other Chinese with him, to leave China in search for a better place to live. He left with a ship and found himself back in Semarang, the harbor city of Middle Java. Here he heard about fertile ground in Salatiga and that tobacco would grow well there. On feet he went to Salatiga which was a trip of a few days.

In Salatiga Ong Jap Lik started his new life and had a business in tobacco.

After some time he met a special woman. A spontaneous, friendly, modest and very helpful woman. She was also very social and always had her fellow people near her heart. Her name was Mendang, what meant “watersource that flows through”.

Ong Jap Lik married Mendang and from this marriage six children originated. Mendang helped her husband in the tobacco business. She possessed a vast knowledge on tobacco species which was very important for the business.

Ong Jap Lik became blind because of cataract and Mendang continued the tobacco business. They both passed away at high age in Salatiga.

Text by Lanny Utama.

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It would be nice if also featured the stories of the other children of Ong Jap Lik. My grandmother is Ong King Nio. I am her grandaughter.

Comment by Louise Norris

That would certainly be nice. We should try to document as much family history as possible. Is there anyone who could do this for Ong King Nio? I’d be happy to put it here on this website.

Comment by Alan

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