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1.1.5. Ong An Pang

Ong An Pang (1.1.5.) – A Wise Man

Ong An Pang (1.1.5.)

Ong An Pang was the fifth son of Ong Tjiang-Soey, who himself was the first son of Ong Jap Lik. He lived his entire life in Salatiga and had a business in tobacco just as other descendants of Ong Jap Lik would have. Ong An Pang married Yo Giok Lian Nio and from this marriage 11 children originated. Besides the tobacco business of her husband, Yo Giok Lian Nio had a confectioner’s shop which grew in fame and acquired a good name with the years passing.

Ong An Pang was a very social empathic person. He was always willing to help other people and became an adviser for many people in Salatiga. His opinion was often asked on business as well as personal affairs and his advice was highly appreciated. His wisdom and sense for justice played an important role in the education of his children as well.

The family stayed in Salatiga until the period “Bumi Angus” brought great unrest (read also the story on Kwee Mei Lie Nio).The house of Ong An Pang was put on fire and partially burned to the ground. The family fled to Solo and stayed for a while at the place of Ong An Kok, a brother of Ong An Pang. When, with the independence of Indonesia, rest returned to Salatiga the family returned home. Ong An Pang left the tobacco business to his sons, but stayed involved on the background until dying at high age.

Text by Lanny Utama. Source: Emmy The – Ong ( Many thanks to her for telling the story about her father.

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