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1.2.3. Ong Twan Nio

Ong Twan Nio (1.2.3.) – The Beauty

Ong Twan Nio was the third and only daughter of Ong Tjiang Hwat who himself was the second son of Ong Jap Lik. She was married to Oen Hwie Sing and from this marriage 7 children originated.

Together with her husband, Ong Twan Nio ran a store in Salatiga the place where they lived. A store in which her husband sold tobacco and she sold “kain” (Indonesian cloth for women). She really was a beauty and furthermore she was a friendly and very social woman. Ong Twan Nio died at young age due to dysentery. Not much more is known about her.

Text by Lanny Utama. Source: Meta Tan ( Many thanks to her for the information on Ong Twan Nio.

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