Ong family – Ong Jap Lik – Reunion 2010 – 王网

Date and location

The family reunion will take place on Saturday, May 15th 2010 in Restaurant Maduratna in Delft.

Xotus Restaurant Maduratna



Indonesian buffet

The participation fee includes an Indonesian buffet, one snack and one drink. The buffet will be served in small stands, including soto ayam, bami Jawa with sate, lontong opor, various vegetarian dishes and other delicious meals and desserts!

Besides that, you can try one of the many snacks that will be available for sale. Drinks are at your own expense; you can choose from soft drinks, coffee & tea, es cendol, es kelapa muda…


Restaurant Maduratna is located in Tuincentrum Xotus.

Kleveringweg 57, 2616LZ Delft

For directions, go here.


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