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Restaurant Maduratna, Kleveringweg 57, 2616LZ Delft, The Netherlands. It is located inside Tuincentrum Xotus.


Delft is located in the west of The Netherlands, close to Den Haag and Rotterdam. The city has a nice historic centre, which is worthwhile to visit.

By car

Restaurant Maduratna is easily accessible by car. It is located close to A4/A13. There are many (free) parking lots available. You can use Google Maps (see below) to find directions to the restaurant.

By train and/or bus

From Delft train station, take the bus:

  • Line 60 heading to Den Haag (leaving every xx:12/xx:42). Get off at bus stop “Defensie” (about 14 min.).
  • Line 62 heading to Nootdorp (leaving every xx:26/xx:56). Get off at bus stop “Defensie” (about 14 min.).

Then walk eastwards into the “Brasserskade” (with Texaco on your left side).

After 50 m. turn right, into “Kleveringweg”.

Then walk southwards to the end of the road (about 500 m.). There you will find a building, which is Tuincentrum Xotus. The restaurant is inside this building.


For more travel information, please go to: (Train schedules) (Public transport travel planner) (Bus company in Delft)


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